Claire and I on our own wedding day.

Claire and I on our own wedding day.

Pat Furey Photography is equal parts Pat Furey and Claire Hudson. We’re here to give you our perspective on whatever is in front of our cameras. Usually, beautifully creative and loving couples on the best day of their lives.

Claire and I met years ago over a deceptively simple coffee - a meeting crafted from mutual respect of two photographers who clearly admired not only each other, but fully supported each others work. Quickly after meeting, I instantly knew she was “the one” and slyly planned my courtship. Ever since that fateful day years ago, we’ve been nearly inseparable in both work and in play. 

It brings me the most insane joy and pride to now call her my wife.

We reside together in Fishtown, Philadelphia. We photograph most often in New York City, Brooklyn, Upstate New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. We're seasoned travelers as well - and have shot many assignments nationally and internationally.

Claire and I spend the majority of our time within the beautiful chaos of city life or tucked away in the middle of nowhere enjoying nature with our muppet-of-a-dog Stamps. It’s a great life we've built for ourselves and not a day goes by that we don't feel humbled by it all.

Who we are and what we’ve absorbed through our life experiences are important in how and why we create wedding images. Documenting your love in a stylish, editorially charged manner, while carefully highlighting the honest connection between two people is what drives us to create. We're wedding photographers for people who don't necessarily like typical wedding images; our goal together is to elevate and create images that transcend the genre, more reminiscent of a fashion spread in your favorite magazine.

We're eager to create what will soon become your most valued family heirloom – your amazing wedding images.

For rates and collection information, start a conversation and let’s get to know each other. 

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