If you'd like to see what the different album options look like, here's a quick blog post highlighting my sample albums.

For the various cover options click here.

Image Selection Process

Please log into your online wedding gallery with your email address and favorite between 50-70 images to be used in the initial album design before submitting this form. To select an image as a favorite, click the image and then look for the heart icon on the top right of the image.  Please keep in mind that this image selection is a launching point for your album and it might turn out that they are not all included in your final design. If you need any help with selecting the best images, don't hesitate to reach out and ask for our help!

Album Info
Please choose the album size included in your contract. If you'd like to upgrade the size, it's $500 per upgrade.
If you would like to upgrade a linen album to leather, it's $500.
Does your collection include parent albums? If not we can add on an exact duplicate of your album for $1,000.
Please choose the parent album size included in your contract. If no parent albums, choose N/A.
Please mention below what image you'd like.
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