Viewing your images in print is a unique and wonderful experience. We can’t wait to get an album in your hands, but before we can there are a few steps we’ll need to take.

Image Selection

Please log into your online wedding gallery with your email address and favorite between 50-70 images to be used in the initial album design before submitting this form at the end of the page. 

To select an image as a favorite, click the star icon at the bottom of the image. You’ll be able to see your favorites at any time by visiting the favorites navigation listed at the top of the gallery.

Please keep in mind that this image selection is a launching point for your album and it might turn out that they are not all included in your final design. We ask you to narrow down images during this stage so that we can get your initial album draft as close to perfect as possible out of the gate.

If you need any help with selecting the best images, don't hesitate to reach out and ask for our help!


cover selection

Options are important to us, so we curated our favorite cover options for you to wrap your images in. Below you’ll find swatches of all of our cover options, including upgrade options. If you don’t remember which type of cover you selected in your collection, please reach out and we’ll let you know! Once you’ve made your choice please be sure it is reflected in the form below.


Linen Cover Options

Linen covers have a organic, modern feel to them and suit every type of wedding from a garden fete to a city celebration. Below you’ll find swatches of all the linen covers you have to select from.


Leather Cover Options

Our leather covers have the aesthetic of a classic wedding album, and we have a variety of options available, from premium leathers to faux leathers. Below you’ll find swatches of all the leather covers you have to select from.


Silk Cover Options

Our silk covers are a premium upgrade. These raw silk covers offer texture and luxury to complement the images inside. Below you’ll find swatches of all the silk covers you have to select from.


Design process

When you have finished selecting your favorite images, please email Claire at to let her know you’re ready to get started on the design.

Claire will put together a draft utilizing your favorite images, and you’ll be able to review and make comments on the design online. Revisions can be made, but we do limit these to two rounds of minor revisions (such as image swaps, etc). Large sweeping design changes beyond the scope of the original design will be billed at $125 per revision.

If you are having trouble narrowing down your favorite images just let us know! We can put together a launching point with whatever you have selected as well as some of our favorites to move forward together from there.

Album specifics

Please fill out the form below so we have all your preferences and shipping information at the ready once you have approved your design.

Album Info
Please choose the album size included in your contract. If you'd like to upgrade the size, it's $500 per upgrade.
If you would like to upgrade your cover material, you can find the price adjustments below: Linen to Leather - $500 Linen to Silk - $600 Leather to Silk - $100
Does your collection include parent albums? If not, you can select an option below.
Please choose the parent album size included in your contract. If no parent albums, choose N/A.
Please mention below what image you'd like.
Shipping Info
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